Waboba Wingman Disc - Ugly Sweater -Patterns Vary

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  • Soft, squishy silicone material makes it easy and comfortable to catch
  • Fits in your pocket - or stocking!
  • Measures 6 inches in diameter
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

Cozy up with an Ugly Sweater Wingman. Pass the egg nog? Nah. More like pass the Ugly Sweater Wingman. Oh what fun it is to throw inside! Unlike other sweaters, Wingman flies over 130 feet outside and doesn't shrink. Plus, what's cozier than a Wingman in your pocket? It's soft, flexible, and ready to fly whenever you're ready to throw. Collect them all and send your holiday spirit soaring!

With its unique aerodynamic design, Wingman won't veer off course to leave you hangin'. (Just like a good wingman should!)

Plus, with its soft, flexible, never-itchy silicone material, you can catch it comfortably by simply squishing it in your hand.

Beach, park, pool, holiday party, anywhere - You won't want to go anywhere without your Waboba Ugly Sweater Wingman Disc!