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Duke Cannon Supply Co. THICK High-Viscosity Body Wash for Men - Bay Rum 17.5 Fl Oz

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  • Cedar wood and musk scented
  • made in the USA

DESCRIPTION We value things like hard work, family, community, good beer, and
country. We champion builders, creators, holders of doors, and fixers of
toilets. We have the utmost respect for teachers, farmers, soldiers and first
responders — It’s no wonder folks feel right at home in Duke Cannon country.
Thick Body Wash Hard-working men require a shower of substance to accomplish a
full day’s work. This isn’t the weak, watered-down body wash your teenage
neighbor uses, this premium, high-viscosity exfoliating shower soap is
designed for hard-working men. Duke Cannon’s THICK Exfoliating Shower Soap is
formulated with premium ingredients and noticeably higher viscosity. It’s
engineered to work effectively on your body, not spew down the shower drain