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Cuddle Barn | Octavius The Storytelling Owl 12" Animated Stuffed Animal Plush Toy | Eyes Light Up, Mouth Moves and Head Sways | Wizard Owl Recites 5 Fairy-Tales

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  • OCTAVIUS - Octavius is magical owl in a wizard hat and purple starry cape. His shiny, blue eyes light up as his mouth moves and head sways. Measures 12".
  • RECITES 5 FAIRYTALES - Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, and Sleeping Beauty
  • FUN & MEMORABLE TO ALL - Cuddle Barn toys stand out from all the rest! Cuddle Barns animated plush toys and soft plush friends make the perfect gift that will bring endless smiles and lasting memories to all. Recommended for ages 2+.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - Comes with 3 AAA batteries. All Cuddle Barn animated plush creations come with batteries included so your kiddo does not need to wait to play when their new friend comes home! Replace his batteries by opening the battery compartment on his underside.
  • MATERIALS & CARE - Made with a soft polyester material. Comes in polybag to protect it during transit. If Octavius gets dirty, we recommend using a damp towel to spot clean.

Bring me home and I’m ready to play! All Cuddle Barn animated plush comes with
batteries already included so that when you bring your sweet new friend home,
your little one can immediately enjoy all the fun and cuddles it has to offer.
When you are not playing with your animated friend, you may turn your plush
friend off using the ON/OFF switch on its battery compartment to preserve its
battery life. Shipping & Packaging This cuddly plush friend comes in a plastic
polybag to protect it and to help it stay clean during transit. Each plush
friend also comes with a hang tag attached that includes product information.
Remove this hangtag before letting your child play with it and retain the
hangtag to keep for your reference.Satisfaction Guarantee Sometimes unexpected
things happen, and we understand how frustrating that may be. Please do not
hesitate to contact us if you have any issues or questions. We will be happy
to work with you to resolve any concerns, so that you are satisfied with your
purchase. We offer a 90 DAY WARRANTY to exchange/refund for all manufacturer’s
defects and 30 DAY RETURN POLICY for all other issues. About the Manufacturer
Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Cuddle Barn is a manufacturer and designer
of animated and soft plush toys. Cuddle Barn specializes in musical animated
plush toys that sing, dance, light up, read stories, and more! Our plush
features high quality materials, cutting edge animation, and entertaining new
sounds. At the press of a paw or squeeze of the body, your cuddly new best
friend comes to life!