Boogie Board Jot Reusable Writing Tablet- Includes 8.5 in LCD Writing Tablet, Instant Erase, Stylus Pen, Built in Magnets and Kickstand, Gray

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  • JOT is Boogie Board’s best-selling reusable writing tablet that’s perfect for quick lists, reminders, family game nights—the list goes on and on!
  • WRITE WITH ANYTHING: Write with the included stylus, a pen cap, pencil or even your fingernail.
  • ERASE INSTANTLY: Push the button on top of the LCD writing tablet to activate Boogie Board’s unique Quick Clear technology and watch the board instantly clear itself. No need for special erasers or paper towels.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME ORGANIZING: The bright, durable display and integrated kickstand feature and magnets make this a great writing tablet for all your home organizing needs.
  • AUTHENTIC: The reusable writing tablet uses Boogie Board’s patented technology made of scientifically engineered materials, which offers a natural writing experience and a bright, durable screen that lasts for years.

Jot (formerly known as Jot 8.5) uses Boogie Board’s patented technology so that you can write with the included stylus, any soft tipped instrument, or even your fingernail! When you’re ready to erase, just push the button and the board clears itself. No more erasing or wiping.

Jot is made by Boogie Board, the original creator and manufacturer of reusable writing and creativity products using LCD technology. Boogie Board sells its reusable LCD writing tablets, writing boards, drawing boards, and kid activity kits online and in retailers across the globe.